In addition to the BTLPT resources mentioned in our “How to Pass the BTLPT” article, this page includes a complete list of the Bilingual Target Language Proficiency Test (BTLPT) resources that we recommend so that you ROCK the TExES bilingual certification exam!

Get these resources way ahead of your scheduled test date (s). Then create a schedule, and STAY CONSISTENT with studying/practicing. An amazing bilingual teaching career awaits you! 🙂

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BTLPT Reading

  • Barron’s AP Spanish Language and Culture book (with audio CD)- This book did wonders for us in improving Spanish reading comprehension. The AP Spanish book by Barron’s is designed to prepare high school students to take the AP Spanish exam in order to get Spanish course credits for college. The test is challenging. Though the book does a great job of covering Spanish reading, writing, listening, and speaking, we recommend it specifically for Spanish reading!


BTLPT Writing

  • The book, Developing Writing Skills in Spanish, is a good choice for improving your Spanish writing skills. Chapter 4 focuses on persuasive writing which is good practice for preparing for the Opinion/Persuasion Essay in the BTLPT essay section.


BTLPT Listening & Speaking

  • We offer listening and speaking coaching sessions for the BTLPT!

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Additional TExES Certification Book Recommendations for Bilingual Candidates

Prospective elementary bilingual teachers in Texas must pass a total of four certification exams.  Below are our recommendations for the other three tests:

We’ve had a positive experience with this book company.


General Spanish Tutoring Services

If you’re more of a D-I-Y person and would like to explore other Spanish language options, we recommend the two companies below.  Both offer private Spanish classes, and Study Spanish offers group sessions!

¡Suerte con sus estudios!

~Missi & Eduardo


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