Below is a list of blogging resources I use to create this website.

If you’re thinking of starting a teacher blog or want to add to improve upon a current teacher blog, hopefully this information will make your blogging journey a little smoother.

This list of resources for starting an education blog are based on my experiences with blogging (I actually started my first blog back in 2011!)

I’ve used tons more resources than what’s here, but I’m only including those that I currently use.  I also explain why I use these particular services and products.

*Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. Please read my disclosure for more information.*

1.  Web Hosting

Starting a teacher blog begins with deciding whether or not you want a self-hosted blog.

Self-hosting allows for more flexibility in scaling what you offer, and there’s more freedom to do what you want on your own platform.

Siteground is my host. I used to be with Bluehost (was with them since 2011), but with time, I started to have problem after problem with Bluehost.

Web Hosting

Malware and site downtime were more common than I would have liked, so after some research, I switched to Siteground.

Siteground’s prices are very affordable, and if you’re currently on another hosting platform, they’ll move your site over to theirs for no additional charge!

This is a great benefit for first-time customers!

2.  WordPress Themes

Free WordPress themes are fine but limit your options on customizing the theme the way you’d like.

Divi by Elegant Themes is the WordPress theme I currently use for this website.

I wasn’t always using Divi with this site but switched once I realized the relative ease of creating pages/posts and customizing them using theme. There is a learning curve involved, but that’s true for most premium themes.

What’s great about Divi theme is that you can use it with multiple sites without having to pay for an additional license.  A lot of themes have you pay a license fee per website. If you have or plan to have other sites, this can be a good value.

3.  Email Marketing

Of all the blogging stuff, setting up email marketing campaigns have given me the biggest headache!

I’ve tried Mailchimp, AWeber, OptinMonster, ThriveLeads, and Sumo.

My headache stopped once I got on board with Convertkit!

Convertkit stole my heart! ❤

Reluctant to use Convertkit at first because of its pricing (it’s definitely not the most affordable option), I’ve come to realize that for starting a teacher blog, it has been the most useful and efficient for my site’s needs!

Convertkit allows you to attach freebies like PDFs easily, and there’s a “tag” option that let’s you keep track as to which form someone has opted-in.

If you’re familiar with my site, you’ll notice that several of my blog posts have freebie options available when you subscribe via an opt-in form. With Convertkit, I can add those freebies quite easily.

The capabilities of Convertkit are amazing!

In addition to collecting emails and offering freebies, you can schedule email broadcasts which allow you to engage with your readers as often as you like!

After using all of the other email marketing applications, Convertkit is hands-down one of the best for those wanting to have an education blog because it gives you the ability to offer PDFs and other documents (link samples of your products) easily to your readers.

And because Convertkit makes it relatively easy to create or duplicate opt-tin forms for use throughout your site, your email subscriber rates increase significantly without a ton more effort.

4.  Social Media Tools

So that readers of my blog can share articles and posts they think would be helpful to other readers, I use the Social Warfare plugin to make sharing easier for them.

You’ve probably seen something like the image below on other websites.

starting a teacher blog curriculum chef

Using the Social Warfare plugin, readers can easily share my posts to their own social media accounts.

You get to choose which social media platforms to place in the bar.

With the Pro option, you’re able to customize the colors and style of the bar to reflect the branding colors of your blog.

The regular version is free (yeah!), but the customizing Pro option (with includes other options that accompany the Pro plan), is only $29 a year per site!

That’s a steal in my book and very much worth the value it gives to the branding of your site.

Pinterest is all the rave.

Along with Google, it’s a great source for getting readers (code: traffic) to your blog.

To get the best results from Pinterest, you need to pin~ A LOT! Tailwind does the heavy lifting for you!

You don’t have time to “pin” all day, everyday.  Let an automation tool do the work for you.

Tailwind to the rescue!

With Tailwind, you can schedule “pins” to any of your Pinterest boards. Schedule enough pins to last for a week, a month, or for an even longer period of time!

Though there is a learning curve to Tailwind, once you get the hang of it, it takes only a few hours each month to set everything up to automate for weeks at a time!

5.  Other Helpful WordPress Plugins

Subscribers to Curriculum Chef have access to exclusive content in my 24/7 resource library.

To make sure these resources stay private and only accessible to my loyal followers/readers, I use a great plugin called Woocommerce Barns2Media.

how to make blog resource library private

The Barns2Media plugin helps blog creators protect certain blog content using passwords.

The plugin has additional features too so that you can further customize what certain segments of your readers see and access.

Set-up is pretty easy.

When you’re ready to create exclusive content for your subscribers, do give WooCommerce Barns2Media a try!

So there you have it.

Some tools you may want to invest in when starting a teacher blog or soon after!

Good luck in your blogging journey!


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