Teach Literacy Like a Pro with These Reading and Writing Resources for Teachers

reading and writing resources for teachers

These reading and writing resources don’t have many bells and whistles, but collectively, they work really well for teaching literacy.  A few staple items can do wonders!

I’ve compiled this list of educational tools that I’ve used during my teaching career to maximize the teaching and learning of reading/writing. Hope you find something useful!

I’m only recommending materials and services that I’ve used a ton and that I know truly work to heighten the teaching and learning process.😋

Just so you know, some of the links in this post may lead to affiliate sites which means I earn a small commission if you click through any of the pictures and make a purchase.  Feel free to read more about this on my disclosure page. 

Professional Books

Though focused on grades 1-3, this book is an awesome resource for understanding guided reading in elementary. My copy is very worn because it’s just so useful!

LOVE this book! It served as my first-year teacher mentor text.  I’ve used it religiously ever since. Lots of practical teaching/classroom management tips that can be applied asap.

Strategically teach how to navigate non-fiction texts. This resource was gifted to me at a reading workshop, and I haven’t put it down since!

Phonics and word work in upper elementary? You betcha’! This book is full of high-quality word work activities to be used in centers, whole, or small groups.

Supplement Six Traits of Writing with this handy book of mini-lessons.  High-quality lessons that encourage student engagement.

I’ve regularly used this vocabulary book series with 2nd language learners. Vocabulary is taught within context with practice activities. A great supplement to literacy instruction.

Classroom Supplies

This is my absolute favorite pocket chart because it’s so versatile!  It’s one of my classroom organization secrets! Use for center materials, student supplies, teacher folders, etc. I love it, love it!


Florida Center for Reading Research– I’m so grateful for this website and all of the high-quality research-based reading materials it provides to educators for FREE.  An added bonus? All the activities are aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Read Write ThinkFREE lesson plans, graphic organizers, and tons of reading and writing-focused materials. Supported by the International Literacy Association.

Read Works– A wealth of articles and resources to support reading comprehension. Everything is FREE once you sign-up!

Aims Math and Science E-Activities– STEM elementary teachers, where ‘ya at?! 😄 I once taught departmentalized science and math for second language learners. This website was my #1 source for hands-on, challenging, critical thinking activities.  There are so many ways to integrate the lessons with literacy! Each activity is PAY-PER-LESSON.

Interactive Online Teaching Tools

LearnZillion– LearnZillion offers FREE, good quality English Language Arts instructional videos which include grammar, writing, and reading comprehension. What I love about this site is that teachers can share lessons with students without students actually having an account (just a code)!  Schools pay for a subscription if they want access to teacher/student materials, analytics, assessments, teaching guides, and much more.

Hoopla Digital– Hoopla Digital is a FREE online media service offered by local public libraries. Patrons “check out” music, shows, audio books, and of course eBooks!  Students have 24/7 access to books via their computer, tablet, or phone; they only need a library card.

Study Jams– Owned by Scholastic, Study Jams offers FREE math/science interactive videos that are fantastic for integrating science and math with literacy. (especially good for developing content-area listening comprehension for second language learners).  Accompany comprehension frames, graphic organizers, and response prompts with Study Jams to tap into students’ reading and writing skills.

Flocabulary– Flocabulary’s motto: “It Starts with Engagement.  It Leads to Literacy.”  This SUBSCRIPTION-BASED (free trial offered) website hosts a variety of catchy, child-friendly hip-hop and rap songs/videos that teach a range of academic skills, including reading and writing.  Always a hit with kids, Flocabulary includes additional resources such as song lyrics and activity sheets.

BrainPop– High-quality, SUBSCRIPTION-BASED videos covering a wide range of topics (a small selection of videos are FREE). BrainPopjr. specializes in videos for lower elementary (K-3) while BrainPop Español has all videos in Spanish.

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